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How to get the best sound out of your soundbar

Soundbars are a terrific and compact way to improve your music experience. Although a separate subwoofer isn’t required to experience outstanding audio fidelity, soundbars may produce excellent stereo audio reproduction and strong bass performance. Whether you like to stream your music over Bluetooth, your home Wi-Fi network, or even AirPlay, play soundbar songs to test it.


The design of your soundbar will provide some indications as to where it gets placed, and the set-up instructions provided with it should also provide a decent starting point.

You should give your soundbar enough room to do its work, especially if it has upward or side-firing drivers. If you tuck it too far into a TV cabinet or shelf, it won’t be able to project the audio. Listen to soundbar songs to check if your soundbar is rear-ported or has rear speakers that get designed to bounce sound off your back wall. Again, you locate this information in the instructions, which should tell you how near you need to get to the position.

Most soundbars can be mounted on the wall or placed on a flat surface. Before you start drilling, it’s a good idea to experiment with positioning. If the audio is too low-key, move your bar into the room and away from the walls.

Keep it steady

To execute their job successfully, all speakers require a firm foundation. If they’re on shaky ground, the drivers’ back-and-forth motion will force it to move, causing the audio to get ruined.

In general, utilize the wall fixings or feet that come with the package. If you place your soundbar on a shelf or cabinet, ensure the feet are on stable ground. You can use Blu Tack instead of feet if there aren’t any included for some reason.