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What Table Tennis Singapore Teaches Us?

Table tennis is a sport, played between two [players or four players in groups of two, where they hit a lightweight ball back and forth, across a divided table with a special hand-held racquet. This sport is also known as ping pong and is immensely popular in south Asian countries like China, India, Singapore, etc. A point is given to the opposing team when a player fails to return the ball. Table tennis Singapore is a sport that is immensely popular and is played not only at an Olympic and professional level, but also at a local level. Children growing up tend to play this sport as a beloved pastime. Those who cannot afford fancy equipment, or professional setups, modify it to fit at a local level.

Rules and workings of the game

Usually, the game is played for eleven points when being played professionally, however, if table tennis Singapore is being played for fun, it can be played for as many points as the players wish. The basic rules are

  • The ball is tossed directly between the servers
  • If during the service, a ball touches the net, dividing the table, is known as a “let”
  • There is no specific place the ball should land during serve

There are various other rules as well, however the above-mentioned ones are the most basic and definitive of the game. Like any other game, this too requires long hours of practice and training to excel at. People who become successful table tennis players