If a person is struggling with the repayment of his student loans, he should consider going for a repayment assistance plan as an option. This article will provide a brief about how a person can easily get through with this plan. Continue reading to know more!

How can a person be eligible for a RAP? 

A person might be eligible for a repayment assistance plan (RAP) under the fulfillment of the following conditions:

  • He is currently known to be repaying a Canada or/and Alberta student loan
  • He enjoys a good standing when it comes to his student loans
  • He finds it difficult to make payments

How does a repayment assistance plan work? 

If a person is eligible for repayment assistance, his monthly payments are reduced to an amount that can be easily afforded by him based on his income and family size. In certain special cases, a person might not even be required to make any such payments every month.

A RAP works in two stages:


  • It starts for more or about 60 months within the initial 10 years after a person leaves his school
  • It intends to help a person with the temporary difficulties he has been facing with the repayment of student loans on his head
  • As a result of this, the monthly payments are significantly reduced. Additionally, he is also provided interest by the government.


  • It is available to a person who has had a RAP for more than 60 months or is repaying his loan for more than 10 years now
  • It intends to provide long-term relief against difficulties
  • The thirst point remains the same as in Stage:1


Apply for a repayment assistance plan today and easily replay all those heavy student loans sitting over your head without any worries.