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The Hermitage Guesthouse is a small family run concern offering you an individual service

A holiday
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Greetings from David, Morvarid & Katrina Fernandez
Your hosts at the Hermitage.

The Hermitage is a well-appointed and secluded working farm set amidst the lush forests of the Western Ghats. If you are a Wildlife enthusiast or Nature Watcher, keen on Birding in India, a Nature Photographer, enjoy Trekking, or just simply love the outdoors, then the Hermitage is a perfect holiday destination for you.

Your Farm stay at the Hermitage will give you an opportunity to experience and observe life in Rural India, an opportunity seldom presented to the international traveler. Have a close encounter with Provincial India, the Village Community, and its Culture.

The Background
a local resident

The Western Ghats have been designated as one of the worlds 18 bio diversity hotspots. It is a chain of hills extending over 1600 kms along the West Coast of Peninsular India, housing one of the richest assemblages of flora and fauna on earth. The biological richness can best be understood when one realises that 27 percent of all the species of higher plants recorded in the Indian sub continent are found here. The rich biological wealth also includes mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects. It is here that frogs reach their highest diversity, with over 100 species. Endemism is a natural feature here and this is exhibited not only among frogs, but also among plant species, nearly 1800, are endemic to the region. The Wroughton’s free-tailed bat, Otomops wroughtoni is another endemic species, located very near us at Talevadi that unfortunately, is in danger of extinction. The western slopes of the mountains experience heavy annual rainfall, while the eastern slopes are drier. The predominant vegetation types include deciduous and tropical rain forests, montane forests, grasslands, and scrub forests in lower, drier areas. The Western Ghats has something for everyone, whether it is medicinal plants, birds, frogs, elephants, or bats.grasshopper

Why not spend your vacation in The Western Ghats with your own personal hosts, enjoying all the comforts of home, while experiencing the Colour and Chaos that is India! You'll take back memories to treasure for a lifetime.

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